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Prism Fitness Smart In-Home Bootcamp

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Prism Fitness
Prism Fitness - 400-150-204
Smart In-Home Bootcamp
The Smart In-Home Bootcamp offers a range of Self-Guided fitness products with exercises printed directly on the equipment. Highlighted items in the package include: (1) Smart Straps Body Weight Training System(1) Smart Quick Flip Triple Pocket Handles (Pair)(1) Fitness Cable, 20lb (Purple)(1) Fitness Cable, 30lb (Pink)(1) Fitness Cable, 40lb (Magenta)(1) Smart Speed Jump Rope(1) Smart Stability Ball, 65cm (Green)(1) Smart Medicine Ball, 6lb (Orange)(1) Smart Mat, 6mm (Black & Yellow)(1) Smart Recovery Foam Roller(1) Mini Band, Medium (Green)