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Herculiner-Old World Industries Herculiner Kit-Black

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Herculiner-Old World Industries
Herculiner-Old World Industries - HCL0B8
Herculiner Kit-Black
Herculiner Is The Only Polyurethane And Rubber Granule Coating That Is Applied In Just 3 Easy Steps To Your Truck Bed Using Rollers And A Brush (Included In The Kit). When Cured, Herculiner Provides A Tough, Durable Skid-Resistant Protective Coating. Our Proprietary Solvent-Based Formula-Versus A Water-Based Product-Allows Herculiner To Adhere Better When Cured To The Surfaces It'S Applied To. Because Of Its Unique Properties, It Can Bond To Virtually Any Surface Or Material. Herculiner Can Be Applied To Wood, Metal, Concrete, Aluminum, Asphalt, Rubber, Fiberglass And Most Plastics, Including Pvc. Our Product Prevents Rust By Sealing The Surface And Is Resistant To Gasoline, Oil, Solvents And Chemicals.. Advanced Polyurethane Protective Coating5 Times Thicker Than Other Roll-On Linersbonds To Itself For Easy Repairsvirgin Rubber Granules Pre-Mixed With Polyurethane Form A Skid Resistant-Textured Surfacerevolutionary Curing Process Reacts With Moisture In The Air And Chemically Bond To Practically Any Surfaceresistant To Gasoline, Oil, Solvents And Chemicalssame Durable Base Used In Professional Spray On Liners