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Prism Fitness Smart In-Home Gym Package

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Prism Fitness
Prism Fitness - 400-150-207
Smart In-Home Gym Package
THE SMART WAY TO TRAIN IN YOUR HOME. Self-guided exercises printed directly on equipment. All you need in one system: resistance, core, mobility, and recovery. Easy access to all your functional training equipment. Convenient hook to hang resistance equipment. Minimal floor space occupied. Aesthetically pleasing design looks great in any room. Go ahead, your workout options are endless! Smart In Home Gym Package Includes: 1) Smart Medicine Ball, 6lb (Orange), (1) Smart Medicine Ball, 8lb (Green), (1) Smart Stability Ball, 65cm (Green), (1) Smart Recovery Foam Roller (Green), (1) Smart Mat, 6mm (Black & Yellow), (1) Smart Door Anchor, (1) Smart Sleeved Tubing, Light Resistance (Green), (1) Smart Sleeved Tubing, Medium Resistance (Red), (1) Smart Sleeved Tubing, Heavy Resistance (Blue), (1) Smart In Home Gym Storage Rack.